Nature's Nutritional Labs USA Corporate Profile

Made in the USA with all natural ingredients, Nature's Baby Formula™ is the newest item in our family of products designed to provide your baby with the best infant formula nature has to offer. For over 40 years, Nature’s Nutritional Labs USA's team has been providing the highest quality and the most dependable nutritional products available for people of all ages.

Nature’s Baby Formula's Stage N-1-2-3 are specifically designed with your babies health in mind. They are nutritionally balanced and contain optimal levels of protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals, essential for proper growth and development. And, because the formulas N, 1, 2 and 3 are age based by developmental stages, each formula contains only the highest quality ingredients available. Nature’s Baby Formula™ is gentle on your babies system, easily digested and assimilated, and is comparable in nourishment to a mother’s breast milk. From our hearts to your homes, welcome to the Nature’s Baby Formula™ Family!

What’s the Nature’s Baby Formula™ difference?

  • Patented and Patent Pending No Heat Process
  • Made in the USA
  • ALL NATURAL ingredients
  • More protein and essential brain, growth and immunity focused nutrition than the leading brands.
  • Dr. Sidney J. Stohs seal of approval. We invite you to please visit Dr. Stohs informational pages in this web site.

Our focal point and motto is to provide consumers with quality, scientifically validated products that are of the utmost efficacy and provide substantial benefits. This high standard of quality is achieved through unsurpassed research and science in independent studies on ingredients and finished goods; through the most modern manufacturing capabilities, patented and patent pending processes, and GMP’s; and through scrutinizing quality control on every step to the end consumer.

All facilities are GMP certified. Our Nature's Baby Formula™ Products are FDA registered.

Product safety, purity and potency are all being more carefully scrutinized by governmental authorities, and product quality is an increasingly important factor in consumer purchase decisions. Every incoming raw material and every outgoing batch is analyzed for quality and verified.
The superior quality of Nature’s Nutritional Labs USA products provides our customers with assurance of regulatory compliance and a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Each and every raw material is analyzed for potency and every batch produced is analyzed for purity and content by an independent laboratory. NNL’s in-house quality control personnel also test each batch for consistency, flavor, smell, and other chemical and organoleptic measures.

We manufacturer our Nature's Baby Formula™ to the strictest worldwide guidelines, The United States Food and Drug Administration, the USA FDA. We conduct In-Process and Final Inspections, these tests are conducted by production and QC. All Final Inspections are performed by third party outside Testing Lab facilities for accuracy, plus additional in house QC prior to finished product leaving our facility and NNL USA.

Again, it is with great pride we welcome you and your baby to the Nature’s Baby Formula™ Family!